Westborough Police arrest suspect in unarmed robbery

Raven Williams

Westborough – Westborough Police Chief Alan Gordon has released a statement about an unarmed robbery that took place this morning at the Westborough Public Library:

On 3/13/13, at approximately 11:13 AM, the Westborough Police received a report of an unarmed robbery that had just taken place at the Westborough Public Library. The victim is a 40 year old N. Grafton woman who was using the services of the library.

While seated at a table, she observed a female walk by her several times. The suspect walked up behind her and grabbed her by her hair and stole her I Phone from her. She then demanded the victim's wedding ring and wallet. The victim did not have a wallet with her but did comply with the order for the wedding ring.

A short time later, Officer Charles Dapolite located a female behind the Central one Federal Credit Union on Cottage St. She matched the description of the suspect. She was identified by the victim as the person who assaulted her and stole her property.

Raven Williams, age 20 of 61 South St. Westborough was placed under arrest for unarmed robbery and assault and battery. She will be arraigned in WDC on Thursday. The two stolen items were recovered from Williams.

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4 Comments for “Westborough Police arrest suspect in unarmed robbery”

  1. I subbed in WHS after I retired and remember Raven. What a stupid thing to do. She’s evidently ruining her life. Why?

  2. While what she apparently did is a crime, it is the sort of cripe of opportunity & desperation that would typically committed by an addict. Now she has been ordered into rehab. I certainly hope that it works for her. That this Raven says “nevermore” to drugs! Seriously, I wish her health, recovery, and success and happiness in the future.

  3. Outpatient treatment probably means methadone. That is only substitution of one addiction for another. Methadone clinics are a scam on the public. They do no good whatsoever. Addicts take methadone only to avoid the withdrawal symptoms they fear while they go out to score the illegal narcotic (usually heroin) that will get them high, Drug pushers hang around the clinics.

    Only in-patient treatment with actual withdrawal (which no addict ever wants to repeat!) works.

  4. To say that, “Only in-patient treatment with actual withdrawal… works,” displays either a refusal to recognize or an inability to comprehend the scientific and medical research and data of the past 50+ years in regards to Opioid Addiction and Medication-Assisted Treatment – “MAT” – (of which Methadone Maintenance Treatment – “MMT” – is a type). The notion that MAT/MMT “is only the substitution of one addiction for another” and, as such, that “Methadone clinics are a scam on the public,” only further displays a lack of or inability to comprehend knowledge and facts surrounding opioid addiction and what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has made clear: Methadone Maintenance Treatment is the *most* effective modality currently available for the treatment of opioid addiction (http://www.cdc.gov/idu/facts/Methadone.htm).

    For decades, studies have supported the view that opioid addiction is a medical disorder that can be treated effectively with medications (such as methadone or buprenorphine) administered under conditions consistent with their pharmacological efficacy, when treatment includes comprehensive services, such as psychosocial counseling, treatment for co-occuring disorders, medical services, vocational rehabilitation services, and case management services (e.g., Dole and Nyswander 1967; McLellan et al. 1993), ALL of which are typically offered and available in Opioid Treatment Programs (“methadone clinics”). Similar to patients with other chronic disorders (like diabetes, hypertension and asthma), many who are opioid addicted have been found to respond best to treatment that combines pharmacological AND behavioral interventions. The RELAPSE rates for “in-patient treatment with actual withdrawal” (abstinence-only based treatment for opioid addiction) is GREATER than 90%, while the relapse rate for Methadone Maintenance Treatment is LESS than 30%. The data & research, in addition to the medical science, are clear.

    One can only wonder what evidence Dan Tanner, previous commenter in this feed, relied when he expressed the belief that “They [Methadone Treatment Clinics] do no good whatsoever.” His opinion is diametrically opposite to that voiced for many years by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, as well as the Institute of Medicine, WHO, and countless governmental, clinical and academic authorities throughout the world. Of course, all forms of treatment that offer help and hope should be supported to the greatest extent possible, whether they are abstinence-based or utilize medication, residential or outpatient, short-term or extending for months or years. However, cost, accessibility and affordability put most non-methadone treatment out of the reach of the vast majority of opiate-dependent individuals. Accordingly, rejecting maintenance treatment means abandonment for most who want and could benefit greatly from help. And abandonment, in turn, not only can mean a death sentence for those dependent on drugs, but is a policy whose costs are borne by every member of the community.

    It”s time we accept the reality that “just say no” is not an effective policy in dealing with medical and social problems.

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