Athlete Spotlight: Drew Smiley

Drew Smiley leads Saint John's offense down the field. (Photo/submitted)

Drew Smiley leads Saint John's offense down the field. (Photo/submitted)

By Ryan Massad, Contributing Writer

School: Saint John's High School

Sport/Position: Football/Quarterback

Coach: John Andreoli

So far this season, Smiley has thrown for over 1,500, rushed for another 500, and has 27 combined touchdowns. He is featured on ESPN Boston's “Mr. Football” watch list.

What is your earliest football memory?

“My earliest football memory is playing in the Worcester Greendale Flag Football League. I played with my cousins, and we won back-to-back championships.”

You'se from Shrewsbury, so what made you choose Saint John's over Shrewsbury High?

“Saint John's has been a family tradition for the men in my family. When I was younger, I always envisioned myself as a Saint John's student.”

What were your first varsity practices like at Saint John's? Were there hardships?

“During my first varsity practices as a sophomore, I was very intimidated, because the other players were much bigger and stronger, but I got used to it with the help of the coaches and upperclassmen.”

What would you consider to be the best part of your game?

“I’d consider my speed and arm strength to be the best parts of my game. Being a dual-threat quarterback makes it tough for a defense to plan. They either have to focus on the run game or the pass game.”

Which game has been the most special during your tenure at Saint John's?

My first varsity start, junior year against Holy Name. I was very nervous, but ended up playing very well.”

Aside from being quarterback of the football team, you'se also a great lacrosse player. Which sport do you like better?

“During football season, I's focused on football, and like that more. Any other time of the year, I’d say I like lacrosse more.”

Which coach encouraged you to succeed more than the others?

“Coach Andreoli pushes me a lot harder than the rest of the players. He always wants me to give 110 percent every day, whether its running sprints, or carrying out my handoff fakes during games.”

Which teammate do you tend to relate to best?

“I relate well to all my receivers, but mostly Davon Jones. He's an unbelievable athlete, and we'se always on the same page. He trusts that I'sl throw the ball somewhere he can make a play, and I trust that he’ll make that play.”

Have you decided on a college, and which sport will you be playing there?

“I was lucky enough to have the tough decision of playing lacrosse or football in college, but I chose to play lacrosse for the US Naval Academy.”

What is your favorite class in school?

“Economics is my favorite class. Although it's very challenging, I's always intrigued by the material.”

Who are your favorite NFL team and player?

“My favorite team is the Green Bay Packers, and my favorite player is their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.”

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